ento Mega Taster Bundle 560g

SKU: 100

Introducing the ento Mega Taster Bundle. We combine our all 4 flavours
Roasted Larvae Taster Bundle, BBQ Roasted Crickets, Salted Egg
Roasted Crickets, Kimchi Roasted Crickets, Oaty Peanut, Honey
Almond and Protein Buttermilk Rusks all in one! All are filled with
naturally healthy nutrients, hyper-sustainable and environmentally
friendly protein.
What you’ll get:
-Roasted Larvae (50g x 4 flavours)
-BBQ Roasted Crickets (25g x 1)
-Salted Egg Crickets (25g x 1)
-Kimchi Roasted Crickets (25g x 1)
-Honey Almond (100g x 1)
-Oaty Peanut (100g x 1)
-High Protein Cookies Buttermilk Rusks (85g x 1)


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